Indispensable condition for a good connection is that the tab respects certain technical and dimension features (or thickness 0,4 and 0,8 which are in conformity with DIN 64244): if these preliminary conditions are missing there may be, from the electric point of view, mediocre performances as per the current carrying capacity (with a consequent increase in the connections temperature) and from the mechanical point of view there may be obiective connection difficulties.


SERIES 6,3 mm

It is the range of product of greatest diffusion in the various fields of industry thanks to the low cost and the sizeable versatility of employment.


SERIES 4,8 mm

The employment of these terminals is limited to the applications which do not allow because of dimensions, the use of the 6,3 mm series.


SERIES 2,8 mm

It finds its ideal field of application in electronics, radio engineering and intercom engineering. A particular version of this series of terminals has been developped to satisfy the requirements of telephone industries where do exist particular technical specifications.