The Inarca IDC series connectors are available for direct and indirect mating to PC Board and TAB.

Inarca developed the whole series of IDC connectors applying some peculiar and fundamental features:

•• Cover of the connector is joined to the connector body through a hinge. This allows an “open” termination and a control of the same before the cover is closed.

•• Four points of contact on the IDC side.

•• The 2.5, 5 TC and 5 PCB INAR-IDC RAST connector series are supplied on tray: each strip consists of

an individual element joined together without using any additional part. This allows to separate the

connectors without cutting the plastic. That prevents the generation of scrap parts.

•• The basic plastic material is the same for all the series: PA66 No Flame GWT 750° - 850°.

•• The production and the subsequent assembly is 100% controlled by optical systems. This technology

is also used in the automatic machines, which terminate these connectors.


Now we have available 4 series of products insulation displacement:

•• RAST 2,5

•• RAST 2,5 Energy

•• RAST 5 TC



Inarca products comply with international regulations.

UL and VDE approval lists are available on request.