Terminals and cluster blocks


Cluster terminals and connectors series is particularly applied in the production of compressors, which are used in other fields, such as refrigerators, coolers and refrigerating rooms, included the air-conditioning field. In the last years Inarca company has increased this range, by introducing some features which emphasize their performances, i.e. the terminal’s double retention. This kind of connection assures a very good link both at crimping charge and in the terminal’s pin-connection. Features of used materials have been projected in order to last and to guarantee long life to the connection, both when thermal shocks occur and oils and refrigerant fluids are present. The insulator is produced in thermo-plastic polyester and is polarized in the pin’s transition area, in order to avoid any feed reverse in the assembling phase. It is available both in the straight and back version. Terminals are built in phosphorous bronze, they are available in the straight with double retention or flag versions. Despite of the high quality of raw materials, Cluster terminals and insulators are a very convenient offer for connection.

magnet wire terminals


INAR-SPLICE terminals series is recommended for the connection by crimping the copper or aluminum magnet wires, amongst them or in combination with standard pre-stripped solid or stranded lead wire. INAR-SPLICE terminals have some special grooves which, during the crimping process, broken the enamel creating the connection. The crimping you get has a high quality electric connection, highly resistant to vibrations, gas-tight, and so corrosion-proofing. Different combinations of magnet wires are possible, usually till 3 in the same time, in copper, aluminum or together. To these combinations standard pre-stripped solid or stranded lead wire. can be added. Anyway the combination of crimping wire will have to be certified from our Inarca lab, always at disposal of our customers. Our laboratory will issue a complete test-report with the crimping heights guidelines. The crimping wire range is from 0,1 mm2 to 6,6 mm2. There are two types of crimping: head connections (all conductors come out of the same part); line connections (the crimped conductors are placed on opposite sides in relation to the terminal).

INAR-SPLICE MAT semi-automatic machines complete the INAR-SPLICE system. The mix of INAR-SPLICE terminals design and the technology of our machines allow to obtain very high performances, getting the mechanic repeatability of the crimping process. About the specifications of INAR-SPLICE MAT please see chapter M.

magnet wire terminals


INAR-RS is a complete range of IDC terminals, They are suitable for the connection to Copper and Alluminium magnet wire.

The use of terminals INAR-RS permit to automatize the connection phase allow to use on the fully automatic line.


Motor windings and connections, Coil Connections.

Transformer winding and connections, Ballasts.

Powers Supplies, Actuators.

Application advantages

•• Possibility of processing wires of different diameters

(Ø 0,12 ÷ 0,40 (AWG 36-26) – Ø 0,25 ÷ 1.04/Ø 0,8 ÷ 1,5).

•• Possibility of connection to wires enameled in copper and cables with rigid or stranded wire.

•• Connections with no inclusions nor black holes (gastight connections).

•• Possibility of connections on all the kind of isolating enamel up to Class “H”.

•• Elimination of the pre-stripping phase.

•• Automatic elimination of the excessive wire and cable.

•• Possibility to create up to n. 3 bridges max.

•• Possibility of having different out-let shapes (tabs, female terminals, pins, cable, etc.)

•• Elimination of every manual operation for the insertion of sheath.

•• Smaller connection dimensions, with contacts placed in a line or in a circle.

•• Possibility of automatizing the process by eliminating the manual operations with production capacity up to 3000 ins/hour according to the kind of unity used (from working bench, on line).

•• Possibility of performing electric control tests automatically.

•• Rationalizing of construction process with the time reduction and delivery of finished product.