The INAR-CRIMP 1000 TT crimping machine is an electromechanical press composed by a monolithic cast iron frame that offers the highest rigidity and combines the best stability with a low weight and a fine layout.

The accurate design and the reduction of components, enabled us to offer this machine at a convenient price.

The proprietary safety cover grants the operator a perfect view of the crimping zone whit complete protection from any hazard.

The INAR-CRIMP 1000 TT works with all standard applicators and the crimping height (measured from the applicator base plate to the press T-coupling when at Bottom Dead Centre) is 135.15 mm.

Inarca’s own CFA crimp force analyser can be supplied as an option.


- Power Supply : 0.55 Kw (0,75 HP)
- Power : 2000 kg (4450 lb)
- Stroke: 40 mm (1.57’’)
- Crimping height (bottom dead centre): 135.15 mm (5.34’’)
- Weight 41 kg (95.6 lb)
- Dimension [mm] W200xH580xD300
- Dimension (‘’) 7.9 X 23 x 11.8



CFA (Crimp Force Analyser)
Electronic quality control for crimping.