Published : 10/20/2016 09:42:55
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They are used in the three standard versions (6,3 - 4,8 - 2,8 mm) in every industrial field. This generalized employment has allowed the development of tabs for the most different use:

  • soldering ones over steel pins for armored electric filaments;

  • with holes for screw-securing;

  • with particular design depending on specific requests;

For special terminals you are invited to consult us.



Wherever there is the need to heat up a fluid, there almost always is the presence of an electric heater.

Inarca offer a complete range of solution for theelectrical heater: from the welding tabsto the crimping tabs.

The product’s quality is guaranteed by the strict protocol of the tests.


Inarca's specialists team are available to find the most product for your application.

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