Published : 10/20/2016 09:47:45
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They are available for direct mating to the PCB or, for indirect mating to TAB.

Inarca has included in all own IDC connectors series some specific and fundamental characteristics.

Those in same cases are not the same like offered by other companies on the market. 

  • The cover is joined to the connector body by hinge. This permit an “open” termination and the possibility to check it before to close the cover.

  • Four contact areas to the IDC side.

  • The new series of INAR-IDC RAST 2,5 – INAR-IDC RAST 5 TC and RAST 5 PCB are supplied in frontal chain. This permit to save space in the logistics point of view, and to produce without scraps during the production process.

  • Basically the plastic material is no-flame GWT 750°-850°.

  • The production of terminals and the assembling to the plastic body, is 100% checked by optical system.

  • With the same technology, we check the production of the harness fully automatic machine.

  • All the range of IDC tools is produced and supplied by Inarca, for the information see Machine section.


We have available three series of products insulation displacement:

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