IDC Rast Connectors



PCB Housings

Application Tooling

Inarca, leading manufacturer of terminals and connectors for
appliances, electrotechnology, electronics, automotive and much more
Terminals, connectors and harnesses components for home appliances and consumer
Terminals and connectors for magnet wire
Terminals and connectors for printed circuit board (PCB)
Terminals and connectors for automotive industry

INARCA, designs and manufactures
terminals, connectors,
technologies and machines for
electric connections

  • Inarca will be present at Coiltech 2017 from 27 to 28 September. The fastest growing international exhibition for the Coil&Winding industry. Materials and machinery for the production of ele [...]

    COILTECH Pordenone 2017
  • Inarca will be present at CWIEME Chicago 2017 from 3 to 5 October. Exhibition and conference for coil winding, insulation and electrical manufacturing. Visit our booth B26-C27.

  • Download Inarca catalogue

    Download Inarca catalogue